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We've Launched Some Classics!

Since COVID, many or our larger shells have been in storage for more than five years, but with the recent program with MSMHS, we've brought out the work horses. If you learned to row at NRC, you may have rowed in the training quad, Hob Knob. It's the perfect classroom for new rowers. This stable shell is as durable as it is beautiful, with classic wood construction and a fifth coxswain seat in the stern for a coach to pilot and give out the calls. Marine Science students cleaned the riggers, seats and tracks for their first lessons in the shell next week.

The second classic shell is a 62', 8 person sweep + cox, the Fred Emmerson. The coxswain wears a headset that transmits the calls to three speakers installed in the boat, so the crewmember that is sitting 40' away can hear the commands. In sweep boats, each person has one oar where teamwork is essential.

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