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Newest Addition To The Fleet

Noank’s newest addition to the fleet of sculls arrived at the boathouse around the beginning of August. The Noank Rowing Club has invested in a factory reconditioned Fluid Design carbon fiber double to replace an aging Gray Matter shell that has been rowed hard for the last 50 years. It is 32’ long, 12” wide at the waterline and weighs just 57 lbs. and designated for coached training, racing and use by experienced rowers. Gray Matter has had a lustrous career having been owned and rowed hard by a 6’ 8” Olympian staring in the 70’s. NRC rebuilt the boat in the 80’s, but in May of this year, the boat began to fail during a competition and the club realized it was time to retire a workhorse shell that has served us well for over 30 years. A big shout out to our coaches Sean and Allie Harvey who discovered the 2X availability and negotiated a very favorable acquisition price for the club.

Oh, and by the way, she rows like a dream!

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