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Summer Classes!

As the weather gets nicer, we at Noank Rowing Club are excited for summer rowing!

Summer is the best time to learn how to row. The weather is favorable and the water is calm and warm. We look forward to welcoming new rowers to our club this summer. Check out our Learn to Row options by clicking here.

In addition, we hope to offer classes for experienced rowers as well, whether you are a high school sweep rower looking to spend some time in a single or double scull, or a master's rower looking to spend time in a quad. Read our class offerings for experienced rowers under Programs and Classes by clicking here (note: more classes will be added soon).

As those of you familiar with the club know, we aim to tailor our classes to the interests of our community. For that reason, we ask that you pre-register for our classes this summer by completing our Google Form. Our club manager will reach out to participants when it is time to register for a class. In doing so, we can ensure that there are enough participants to run the class.

We will be updating our pre-registration form throughout the summer to reflect any additional class offerings.

We hope to see you on Beebe Cove this summer!

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