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Spring Youth Rowing is Back!

Our spring rowing season will run April 19th through June 11th. There are some changes this season to be aware of before signing up. Please be sure to read this announcement carefully.

Season Overview

Session 1: April 19th to May 14th

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 - 6pm

This session will be rowing in quads only. Athletes will be expected to wear masks at all times, including in the boat while rowing. Because we will only be rowing in quads, we are looking for an exact number of athletes (4, 8, or 13) so that everyone can row each day! Athletes should be available to attend all practices; if you are going to be absent, you need to let Coach Ryan know at least 2 days in advance so that a spare rower can be contacted, otherwise your entire boat will not be able to row that day.

Session 2: May 17th to June 11th

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 4 - 6pm

This session may be a mix of singles, doubles, and quads. Covid policies/expectations (including whether or not masks will be worn in small boats) will be communicated as we get closer to the start of the session.

How do I sign up?

Because we are rowing quads only for the first session, email Coach Allie indicating if you want to row in Session 1. A direct link to sign up on Regatta Central will be sent to athletes interested in participating, that way we have exactly 4, 8, or 13 participants to row complete quads. You will not be able to register without this link, so you must let Coach Harvey know that you intend to row in Session 1.

If you do not want to commit to Session 1 but would like to be considered to fill a seat at the last minute, email Coach Allie to be contacted if/when a spare rower is needed.

If you do not want to commit to Session 1 but are interested in rowing in Session 2 when we (hopefully) open up small boats, email Coach Allie to contact you when registration opens for Session 2.

Coach Allie email:

How much will rowing cost?

Each session will be $185.

My friend wants to learn to row this spring. Will there be classes for Novice?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accomodate learn-to-row classes this spring, but we plan to offer beginner classes this summer. Stay tuned!

What is the club doing to mitigate risk of spreading Covid-19?

Much like in the summer and fall, we will continue to sanitize the oar handles between practices and remind athletes to wash their hands (or use hand sanitizer) at the start of practice. We will be grouping athletes into "pods" to minimize close contacts in the event that an athlete tests positive for Covid-19. While at the boathouse, on the dock, and/or rowing in the team boats (quads), athletes will wear masks. If you have come in close contact with someone who has tested positive or are not feeling well, please stay home!

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