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NRC Annual Letter

To The Friends and Fans of the Noank Rowing Club,

Learning to row is not just about pulling a boat through the water. It’s about teamwork and leadership skills that one Noank Rowing Club (NRC) youth rower recently took to impressive heights.

Derek Raymond started rowing with coach Allie in 2019. From his first day on an Erg to his last race, Derek loved his time rowing at NRC. After high school, he received an appointment to the US Coast Guard Academy (CGA) where he’s a second-year member of the men’s varsity rowing team. Today, Derek says, “NRC developed the foundational skills to excel at the Coast Guard Academy, not just in rowing but in other aspects as well.” A deservedly proud dad observed, “NRC allowed him to pursue the sport and develop a love for it that has carried into his college career.” It doesn’t get any better than that.

None of this could have been possible without your past support. You were there to make the club what it is today. It was your membership or donation that gave the young men and women of Southeastern Connecticut an opportunity to learn a “new” sport that developed the life skills necessary to succeed in today’s world. Thank you for that spirit of rowing when it was needed.

Our board is currently assessing our organization’s equipment and resources. They have authorized the replacement of one very old launch motor and expansion of our fleet by acquiring a “new to NRC” single and a double. (And retire two very old shells). We see a rising demand in youth rowing, so we expect 2022 to be the biggest NRC year in a long time. What better place to learn than on Beebe Cove?

That is why we are writing to you today; to inspire you to be a part of the crew that sustains an organization that teaches youth (and adults!) the art of rowing.

And where is Derek headed? His 2nd varsity boat posted the top time for all CGA racers at the Head of the Charles Regatta this year, beating their 1st varsity crew! He’ll graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering and take a commission as an Ensign, hoping for an assignment on a fast response cutter where his teamwork and leadership skills will serve him well keeping our country safe.

Please be as generous as you can…… Is $100 okay? Maybe more? If not, pick an amount that is good for you. No gift is too small, and every gift will make a difference, just as it has in the past.

Thank you.


Christine Krupansky

President, on behalf of the Board of Directors

Noank Rowing Club, Inc.

PS: Please know that 100% of your gift will introduce more youth to the sport. In the spirit of rowing, thank you.

To donate online, click here.

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