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Message from the President

Noank Rowing Club Summer Update

Noank Rowing Club has been slowly resuming activity to normal levels. We have had some challenges during the past COVID season, but despite those challenges, we have been able to continue to offer classes, albeit on a smaller scale. We focused mostly on youth rowing because we had some students who were racing with us already, and they desperately wanted to get back on the water. Our recreational group rowing is growing. This spring has been far more active than the past couple of years and featured two great cook-outs this summer. All good news, and memberships are on the uptick.

August saw a Strategic Planning meeting. Our goals are to plan how and when to upgrade our aging equipment, as well as to prioritize where we “see” NRC going in the next 5 years. We intend to support and expand what we currently do very well: learning to row classes for youth, more advanced youth classes, providing competitive junior sculling, and introducing adults to rowing so they can enjoy recreational rowing, while giving them a good basis for moving into competitive rowing if they so desire. For all of these, we will need to fund some new rowing shells for the club that meet our growing needs and are durable and competitive. At the same time, we will be retiring some equipment that has served us well for many generations of rowers.

Thank you to all our supporters and families for keeping NRC an active club that contributes to our community and fosters the spirit of rowing that follows a person throughout their life. You have been instrumental in our ability to safely continue our programs.

Please stay tuned and watch our updated webpage in the next few weeks as we get back to doing what we love -- ROWING!


Christine Krupansky

President NRC

On behalf of the NRC Board of Directors

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