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COVID-19 Update: Let's Get Rowing!

Thanks to the work of our board of directors and Groton Parks and Recreation, we have created policies to allow for rowing to resume this summer. We got a small group of volunteers together to move our larger rowing shells out of the way so that members now have access to our fleet of single sculls.

Some highlights of our new policies include:

  • Rowing is currently limited to singles. Doubles may only be used by people who live under the same roof.

  • Members are to plan their row using an online log book. Rowing times should be staggered so that less than 5 people are on the dock at a time.

  • Only one person is to go in the oar locker at a time.

  • Rowers are reminded to avoid touching their face and use good hand hygiene.

Returning members-- you will receive a copy of the full list of COVID-19 policy changes as well as access to the online logbook upon renewing your membership.

We are hopeful that we will be able to offer classes in small groups this summer as the state moves into Phase 2 of reopening. This may be the perfect time to get comfortable in a recreational or racing single! As soon as we are able to offer classes, we will open up our online registration.

As a reminder, all of our registration takes place on Regatta Central. Click here to renew your membership or view current class offerings.

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