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Rockrimmon Erg Race

Noank Rowing Club coach Andy Hammond and club members Phil Butta and Annette Barbay competed at the Rockrimmon Ergatta in Springfield Massachusetts on March 24th. The Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club has hosted this fun day of indoor racing for the past five years. The 2018 ergatta featured 31 events including distances of 100, 500, and 2000 meters as well as team relays. Perennial highlights unique to this race include the party-like atmosphere, pounding rock music, and a stationary bike that powers a blender for post-race recovery smoothies.

Both Phil and Annette improved their 2k times from the previous year and Annette was the winner of the women's lightweight event. Coach Andy won the men's open 100m race in a blisteringly fast time of 15.8 seconds. The three NRC members also teamed up with Sharon Rooney of Cape Cod Rowing to compete in the 2000m mixed relay event. Sharon is the president of Cape Cod Rowing and Phil's indoor coach.

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