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NRC Work Day a Success!

On a sparkling Saturday morning in late August a crew of 15 showed up and gave Noank Rowing Club’s shells and gear some TLC! Everyone pitched in cleaning, refitting and giving a once over for the start of the fall rowing season. The “work day” started 10 days early as two collegiate members, Gianni Jannke and Ryan Krupansky worked with NRC member George to repair damaged structure (v-splash, knees & gunwales) of the shells, remove salt & resulting stains, & repaired or replaced soft decking on three NRC Van Dusen (1x. lite 2x & hvy 2x) racing shells. (See related article) Their work was much needed and much appreciated. Well done!

On that Saturday, eight shells received a scrubbing. Seats were removed, tracks cleaned, nuts and bolts scrubbed with tooth brushes to remove salt build-up. Riggers cleaned and set. Many repairs were done and logged, more needs to be done. (Members please use Maintenance & Repair log in oar locker.)

Speaking of oar locker, thanks to the crew who spent three hours in that 4X8 room!! (Now let’s keep it that way!!!) Oars were remarked, walkie talkies cleaned of salt & dried (as they should be after each use), supplies organized and re-inventoried. All done before noon! Many thanks to all the members who took the time to lend a hand.

We had a great time working together and hope everyone can lend a hand at the NRC event! There is always more to do. Watch the NRC website for the pasta supper on Sept 29 & the next workday as the season draws to a close in late October, early November.


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