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RosterBot Is Up! Are You Rowing?

RosterBot, our online sign-up for group rowing, is up and rowing (running).

About 20 NRC members are signed up so far. Weekday and weekend sessions at a number of different times are listed on Rosterbot, and you merely click yourself in or out for any listed rowing time as you like. Or not.

And, you can change your mind later.

You can easily view who and how many rowers are signed up or not for any particular session. Maybe you will avoid carrying a heavy boat with too few people.

A few caveats:

Rosterbot works better through its app. than it does as email on phones. The app. seems to be fairly tame, not wanting permissions to get at your personal stuff. A few people have experienced problems having to re sign-in, a process that normally needs to happen only once.

And you do have to be a current member of NRC. To sign up and use Rosterbot, send an email to one of the administrators & NRC Manager. To join - click on Join tab on our website.

These photos are from our Concert on the Beach gathering - Eric & Mau launched to row back to our shell house after the concert!!!

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