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NRC has been seeking an effective means to communicate with our membership and a replacement for Doodle (our previous rowing signup app.) A group of NRC members have tested RosterBot, an app. that allows our team managers and captains to post “events” online. When an event is created, a notification goes out to the RosterBot group via email so that members are made aware of the event.

For NRC, RosterBot will notify fellow rowers of club events and water times on a certain day, at a certain time. Members then choose whether or not they would like to participate by simply clicking “in” or “out” right from the email. Twenty-four hours before a given event, the manager for that event will receive an email listing who is “in”. By RSVPing to group rowing, captains will know who is planning to row on a given morning or evening. The manager may also send out a message if group rowing is cancelled due to weather.

RosterBot is a very simple application and is very easy to signup! To signup, click on the link on our homepage. As long as your membership information is up to date, you will be approved as part of our roster. As more members signup with RosterBot, the more members will be informed about what is going on and when rowing sessions are taking place.

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