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Youth Enjoyed Conn Coll Crew Tour

On February 3, a dozen NRC rowers, coaches, and parents met with Conn College head rowing coaches Ric Ricci and Eva Kovach to tour the Conn College rowing facilities and learn more about what it's like to row in college.

Three Conn College rowers talked about the rigor, joys, and benefits of rowing in college. We learned, for example, that many college rowers are busy with other co-curricular activities in addition to rowing. Generally, it is a driven person who loves a challenge who will choose to row in college. Roughly half of Conn College rowers are "walk-ons," or people with no previous rowing experience, when they join the team.

Coach Ricci mentioned that the best college rowers are excellent students first: it doesn't matter how good a rower you are if you can't do college-level academic work. He also said that general athleticism, excellent physical condition, and a love of teamwork are crucial to rowing in college.

Many thanks for Coaches Ricci and Kovach for giving a glimpse into the life of college rowing!

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