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Modern Boat Construction for Rowers

Here is another fine article by NRC member Eric Sorenson –

This time about hull construction!

In this article Modern Boat Construction for Rowers, Eric explains the varying cost of construction, toughness of hull material, construction process & final finishes.

Here is an overview in 9 simple bits:

1. Why are some boats expensive?

2. Why is it easy to punch holes in some

boats, and not in others?

3. What you don’t see – cores

4. Nothing as a core

5. Fibers

6. Why are boats

stronger, and

stiffer, and so

much lighter

than they were

just a few years


7. What is that


8. Why do some

builders take a

long time to

laminate a hull?

9. Why are some boats gel coated, others painted, and some clear?

Just in case you missed his first article "Naval Architecture for Rowers", click here to hop back to the Home page.


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