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Naval Architecture for Rowers

In this fascinating article, written for “every rower”, Eric explains basic concepts, offers elegant illustrations, and answers some of those pesky questions you have had in your head ever since you began rowing!

Here is an overview in 7 simple bits:

1. Eureka (of course!)

2. Why is my boat round bottomed?

3. Why is my boat so long and thin? (yeah – why is that?)

4. Stability (crosses everyone’s mind at least once each outing!)

5. Why do big boats look different than small boats? (hummmmm?)

6. Why does my boat need a skeg, and why isn’t it at the back of the boat?

7. Planing (simply plain - rowing shells do not plan, so let’s explain!)

NRC member, boat designer, and Whitehall sculler among other accolades, Eric Sorenson has offered these enlightening tidbits for you to enjoy in his article Naval Architecture of Rowers!

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