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NRC Loves the New Ergo Eval Program!

Coach Andy is offering a new Ergo Eval program to help NRC rowers assess themselves. He then develops a custom program to help members improve. Below is some great feedback from members who are currently working with Andy. More information can be found on the Winter-Warmup post.

Why did you decide to do the erg evaluation? Did you have goals in mind?

Abby: I did the erg eval because, as a collegiate rower, feedback can help to make me faster on test day. Rowers always have something to work on and a lot of times we forget about the erg, even though it is a necessary tool to improve. Also, we all have goals in mind. This is a good way to help you achieve them. For me, I would really like to beat sub 8 minutes for my next 2k.

Bethany: I decided to have an eval to see where I am, time wise now, and determine a realistic goal for Crash B competition.

Samantha: I decided to do this because it would allow me to get better at the sport that I love. I have no goals in mind but to exceed my times.

Annette: My goals are to prepare for three 2K erg races (CT Indoor Rowing Championships, C.R.A.S.H – B, and Rockrimmon Ergatta) and hopefully improve my times from last year.

Wes: I decided to do the erg eval to improve my endurance. My goals are to improve my 2k speed and stamina.

What was it like working with Andy? What did you learn?

Abby: Working with Andy was really great. He showed me what he usually does for a 2k warm-up and he told me a little bit about his background in crew, which was very impressive. I learned that I can push myself harder than I thought and maybe even bump my stroke rating up a little bit. I also received from Andy solid workouts to do on my own that I wouldn't have thought of. It is extremely helpful because now that I'm on winter break, all the workouts I do, I do on my own.

Bethany: Andy was great to work with. He was thorough and complete with answers and goal-setting. The work out plan seems to be on track for me.

Samantha: Working with Andy was an eye opener! There are so many other people working for the same position in the world. I have to work harder to get better results.

Annette: Andy taught me the best strategy for an erg race start, how to adjust the drag factor for consistency between different ergs and weight lifting tips for rowers.

Wes: Working with Andy was good. He pushed me and encouraged me to go further than I thought I could. I learned that I need improvement.

Abby & Ryan (left & right) have engaged Andy in his Ergo Eval. They, with Simon (middle), are now home over winter break training per Andy & their respective college coach's schedules.

Based on your erg results and goals, what areas will your program focus on?

Abby: My program focuses on building endurance on the erg at high ratings. I need to be able to hold my (higher) ratings for a longer period of time with the same power. I tend to come off the line too strong and then slow down too much, followed by a strong finish. I'm like most people where the middle portion of my piece hurts me the most.

Samantha: Based on what I have done so far, I am going to focus on my strength in rowing.

Annette: After completing the first week of my training plan, I've noticed that I can quite easily complete the intense aerobic pace workouts but the anaerobic workouts are more challenging for me. So I know that I can improve by working to develop my anaerobic systems. I've also started strength training 3 to 4 times a week.

Kelci: I've been using it sporadically. The evaluation helped figure out my pace so I can know what to look for when I'm doing it alone. My parents are using it also so it's great exercise for all of us.

When is your next check-in on your progress?

Abby: Although I have not scheduled my next check-in, I have test days as soon as my winter session training starts up again, for 5k's and 2k's. I'm sure that doing these workouts will help me to improve greatly and I am excited to see my own results!

Annette: The training program is 8 weeks long. I'll do another 2K test after the first 8 weeks. The results of the second 2K test will be used to adjust my training paces for the following 8 weeks.


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