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Winter Warm-Up

Ergo Evaluations are underway! Andy is developing training programs for the holiday period for all levels of rowing; including Juniors, Novices, Collegiate and Masters.

If you are interested in meeting with Andy and having a specially made ergo plan tailored for you, go ahead and sign up or email Andy at :)

WOW! What an EXCITING opportunity!!!!

Register to meet with Coach Andrew for a 2k erg evaluation on any or all of these Saturdays:

Nov 12

Nov 19

Nov 26

Dec 3

Jan 14

Andy can make alternate dates and times if you can't make these :)

During your eval., you and Coach Andrew will chat about:

  • What are your personal goals; healthful fitness, better erg score, or maybe lose tummy fat?

  • How many days a week are you plan to work out?

  • Do you have access to an erg?

  • What other ‘sport’ would you like to include in your workouts?

Then Coach Andrew will create a PERSONALIZED training program JUST FOR YOU! If

you don’t have an erg to train on, maybe NRC has one you could borrow until Winter Conditioning?!?

Who’s Andy?

Coach Hammond joined NRC in October. Andy is an an erg phenomenon with a WORLD title, multiple BRITISH titles, U-23 (under 23 yrs of age) British National Team Member, and a Sport Physiology degree under his belt, he can help you get where you wanna go!!!

Oh – and by the way – this DOVE TAILS beautifully with Winter Conditioning that begins on Tuesday Jan 17 @ 5:30-6:30pm through March 16!!! Andy & some other familiar coaches will be leading land & erg training during this joy-filled class!!!

Interested in attending a Winter Warm-Up Eval session? Click over to classes.

Interested in attending Winter Conditioning for Rowers – you can register on the classes webpage for that too!

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