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Support NRC Work Day by Volunteering!

Please join us on Sat. Nov. 5 from 9:30-noon to complete storing our equipment for winter! Club Support Days are great when we have a big turnout. It's definitely a case of "many hands make light work." The youth rowers will have put away the larger sweep shells and several of the larger sculls by the end of their Oct. class, so we will have singles, a double or two & launches to attend.

Either chat with Chuck or Kristen or let us know you can attend by signing up on the "work Day" sheet in the oar locker. Projects will include; cleaning interior of single & double shells, de-rigging those shells, sanding one launch seat (prep for vanishing), install dock hardware bits (for 2 more shell tied-downs) & pull the two launches (for winter storage).

Please consider coming to be of service. Your club volunteer hours are so valuable to the life and health of our rowing club! Together we will accomplish these smaller tasks and enjoy the company of other club members!

Let's begin after the morning row. If you are able, plan to join us at Sherman's Market for lunch afterwards!!!


mail us: 

P O Box 296 Mystic, CT 06355

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