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Help Wanted!

The increasing support from NRC members has been terrific! Our little club on the cove has grown nicely and, more importantly, introduced the wonderful sport of rowing to a number of new people in our community. To keep the momentum going, we have three exciting positions available. If you have an interest in any of these positions, please email!

PR Coordinator

Often, people stumble upon NRC. "I never knew the club was here," they'll say. Or, "This is the best kept secret!" The PR Coordinator will help change that by getting the word out about NRC events and activities. This position will attract new members and students by promoting NRC to the community through local media. As a member of the NRC Communications team, the PR Coordinator will help write and distribute news releases, develop exclusive stories, invite media to events and build relationships with local editors.

Town Council Liaison

Part of our success depends on our mutually beneficial relationship with the Town of Groton. This position will be responsible for building rapport with the Town Council and evangelizing all the good work NRC is doing in the community. This position will attend town council meetings and cultivate individual relationships to keep the council updated on NRC and vice-versa.

Adult Program Captain

To help develop our adult rowing program, NRC is looking for an Adult Program Captain. This position will be the "eyes and ears" regarding member interest in races and classes. Working with the coaches, the Captain will seek and promote potential racing opportunities in coordination with other NRC activities. Responsibilities include proposing Match Races or regattas, encouraging and coordinating race entries, arranging roof-top transportation (or trailer and driver if needed) and confirming equipment availability. Likewise, the Captain will recommend classes and offer logistical support including writing class descriptions, sharing class opportunities with membership and coordinating registration on the first day of class.

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