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"Wonkatania" at the CT Indoor Rowing Championships

Two NRC action heroes took their positions. Phil Butta wedged himself between Andre the Giant and Spartacus --giving it his all with a zen-like focus. Annette Barbay, one of many Amazons rowed like the warrior she is, never veering from her set pace.

Unbridled determination; sweat breeding sweat; more than 650 muscles straining from their anchors; each individual from the 15 year old first timer to the seasoned and newbie mid-lifers---proved Willy Wonka had it right:


For the rowers keep on rowing And they're certainly not showing Any signs that they are slowing!??"

Credit: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

There’s no knowing where we are each rowing in life, but the NRC members are certainly not slowing. Boston Crash B’s here they come and you are all invited to witness the sequel.


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