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Junior Racers


Our goal is to expose youth rowers to the competitive world of rowing.  By participating in the NRC Junior Racers, students will develop stamina, technique, and race strategy in preparation for regional regattas.  This program will help prepare 9th-12th grade athletes who are interested in rowing at the collegiate level. We will offer high-quality coaching, additional intense training, and opportunities to compete against other crews from the Northeast. While racing, we abide by USRowing's Rules of Rowing.



Junior Racers Info

Junior Racers practice 5 days a week in preparation for regional regattas.  The Junior Racers compete in sculling events based on ability.

Note: Athletes who wish to compete in open or varsity events must maintain the following 2k standards.

Boys: 7:30 or less

Girls: 8:30 or less


Regatta Info

Fall 2019 Season

September 15 - Coastweeks Regatta, Mystic, CT

September 21 - CRI Fall Classic, Cambridge, MA

October 6 - Head of the Riverfront, Hartford, CT

Spring 2019 Season

April 28 - Cooper Cup, Camden, NJ

May 11 & 12 - Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta, Lowell, MA

May 18 & 19 - USRowing Northeast Regionals - TBA


We are always looking for ways to raise funds for the Junior Racers program to keep our program sustainable for years to come!


If you would like to help organize the next big fundraiser for the Junior Racers, contact Coach Allie.



Land Workouts

Land Training Program for the Winter Season

Click here to download. 

Rowers are expected to complete 3-4 erg workouts per week.

Log your progress here.


Note: These workouts follow a Week A/B format.  Contact Coach Allie with questions on how to adapt this program to meet your needs.


If you are participating in a winter sport, you should plan to supplement your sport with 2 days of erging per week to maintain rowing-specific fitness.


Training Systems Guide - a brief reference




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